When hospitalized or in an extended care facility, patients are often scared and shouldn’t have to worry about their safety. Here are three tips to improve safety in your hospital or local health care ecosystem:

  1. Get hospital leaders on-board: Ensure all managers and supervisory staff at your facility are up-to-date on the latest safety procedures. They will act as mentors and leaders to other staff, patients, and visitors to help ensure everyone is behaving and performing in a safe manner.
  2. Establish safety metrics: Form a committee or leadership team to determine what metrics to track so you can quantitatively evaluate your safety protocols and compliance. This will probably include incident reports and patient evaluations.
  3. Check equipment regularly: Create a schedule for maintaining or replacing equipment and supplies. For example, bed mattress should be replaced regularly as they could cause injury, or make patient uncomfortable if they sag or lose support. Keeping everything is tip-top shape is essential to creating a safe environment for everyone.

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