With so much scrutiny on our healthcare system and long -term care facilities, now more than ever we need to focus on creating more person-center safety protocols and guidelines. 

Safety issues usually arise from one or more of these three key areas:

  • Human failure: this is when someone doesn’t do their job as reasonably expected or is “lazy” in carrying out their duties and misses something critical
  • Management failure: When management hasn’t put in place protocols that ensure standard and expected levels of care can be provided. 
  • Organizational failures: This could include lack of support or structure from hospital administration staff, boards, or any overseeing bodies. 

Even if you can’t fully influence what management or hospital administration does, here are some ways you can ensure that you are encouraging more person-centered care and safety:

Patient Confidentiality: Be mindful of who you discuss your patients’ details with. Even talking in hypotheticals may provide enough information for someone to know who you are discussing. Unless you need to discuss patient care with a colleague for a second opinion, avoid discussing patient care with others, even in hypotheticals, whenever possible. 

Patient Lifestyle: There is rarely a one-size fits all approach for healthcare plans. Each patient has a different lifestyle so be sure to discuss how your treatment plan can be customized for the patient to give them their best chance for success. 

Patient Physical Comfort: How can you make your patient more comfortable when they are in your facility or in in-home care. For long-term care patients, encourage them to decorate their room to add some comforts from home. A good bed and a medical-grade mattress specially designed for their needs is one of the best ways you can help create a good environment for sleep and rest. 

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