Getting a good nights’ sleep can largely depend on your mattress. But if you aren’t able able to upgrade your matress soon, here are some ways to get a better night’s sleep.

Make your bedroom a no distraction zone. Honor it’s purpose by only using your bed to sleep, not to watch TV, scroll through your Facebook feed, read or study.

Make it comfortable. Use blackout blinds. Get comfortable sheets. Use a sleep sound machine if you like white noise. Make your bedroom your sleep sanctuary.

Avoid naps. Naps can be great! They give you that extra boost of energy. But long naps can ruin your sleep cycle. If your not tired your not going to want to sleep at night. Fight the urge to nap, or time you naps to avoid over sleeping by using an alarm.

Exercise. Exercise has a dual affect, it helps you de-stress and it helps tire you out. Your muscles need exercise to grow so your body will naturally crave sleep and rest.

Invest in comfortable pillows. Like your mattress your pillow will have a large affect on what type of sleep you get. Without getting the rgth amount of support you might be tossing and turning out of discomfort.

Make good habits. Our bodies love routine. By making an effort to go to bed at the same time everyday we make it a lot easier for our bodies to understand what were doing and we fall asleep quicker.

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