At EMP, we talk a lot about beds and comfort, but there is one area we haven’t talked about as much. That’s the sleep quality for our patients.

We know that bodies heal faster with good quality sleep, and having a good quality mattress is just part of the equation. Here are some ways you can support your patients struggling to get good quality sleep without additional medications.

How to encourage sleep in patients

For patients who prefer natural methods to get a deeper, more restful sleep, here are some things they can try:

  • Meditation: Some people find it easier to sleep when their mind and body are calm, which can be achieved through meditation. They can use a guided meditation through an app like Headspace or by focusing on relaxing their whole body and taking deep, meaningful breaths.
  • Temperature: Ask your patients to be mindful of the temperature in the room. Generally, 18C (65F) creates an ideal environment for sleep, but doctors find this varies in some patients to between 15-19C (60-67F).
  • Weighted Blankets: If medically allowed for your patient, a weighted blanket might help. The extra weight of these blankets helps the body produce melatonin, dopamine, and serotonin and may reduce cortisol levels in the body. Together, these allow the patient to relax and fall asleep easier.
  • Journaling: Some people sleep better when they journal before bed. Journaling helps them get all their ideas and worries out on paper for them to deal with later.

And of course, the right medical-grade Premium Care Mattress is always a good first step for providing your patients with the comfort they need to get a night of better sleep and heal faster.

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