Choosing a mattress for your hospital beds can be a complicated process with so many options to choose from. Today we’re going to look at the LTC 4000 series of Intermediate care mattresses:

The LTC 4000 series of 6 inch thick mattresses are made of comfortable memory foam. Both models have a 2-inch medium-plush viscoelastic foam comfort layer on the top, and the LTC 4000 Plus Mattress also has a 4-inch multi-zone medium-firm core whereas the 4000 Ultra model has a 2-inch high resiliency transitional layer followed by a 2-inch foam core.

LTC 4000 Plus Mattress (medium firm memory foam mattress)
This mattress is ideal for patients requiring a pressure relieving surface that is both comfortable and supportive, and which helps prevent pressure sores from developing. When heat build-up is a concern, this mattress is a good choice as it helps prevent sweating from heat buildup between the mattress and patient. It provides good bedside stability and prevents entrapment.

The LTC 400 Plus mattress has a recommended max weight capacity of 350lbs.

LTC 4000 Ultra 55 Mattress (Ultra stable Firm Memory Foam)
This mattress features a high resiliency transitional layer and full height transfer borders, ensuring stability during transfers and for everyday living activities. It is the best choice when pressure sore development is a concern. Even with it’s firm mattress design, it’s still a good choice for preventing heat build up and patient sweating.

The full height exterior foam adds firmness along the edges, providing excellent bedside stability and is often recommended for heavier individuals or those simply preferring a more firm mattress.

The LTC 400 Ultra 55 mattress has a higher recommended max weight capacity of 400lbs.

The covers of both LTC 4000 series mattresses are made for all hospital beds and are available in 6 standard sizes and custom sizes are available. It is fluid-proof, non-allergenic, antibacterial, and has an antimicrobial cover. You can also get it with a non fluid-proof, organic cotton cover option.

It’s important to note that the viscoelastic layer in both the 4000 series mattresses may impair bed mobility for some patients.

Both mattresses come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a warranty period of up to 5 years. We recommend that you select your mattress with the help of a qualified medical professional. If you have questions about these mattresses, please contact the Essential Medical Supplies team today.

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