At Essential Medical Products, we know how important a comfortable bed is to patient recovery. That’s why we carry a wide assortment of models to meet virtually any need you have. Here are 2 of our popular mattresses:

LTC 2500 Basic Comfort Mattress
This mattress combines a two-inch plush foam comfort top layer and 4 inch multi-zone medium-form core layer to provide comfort and support over vulnerable areas. You can extend the life of your mattress by adding a built-in base layer (MBP-500) to protect the bottom of the mattress when placed on wire-spring base platforms. It’s a good choice for ease of movement on the bed surface for patients under 250Lbs.

LTC 3500 Active Care Mattress
We often recommend this model for best ease of movement for patients with muscle weakness who find it difficult to move in bed. Like the 2500, the 3500 has a four inch multi-zone, medium-firm core layer and 2-inch top layer, but the top layer of the 3500 also has a contour-cut top to reduce sheer and enhance pressure distribution. It’s a better choice for ease of movement and is recommended for patients up to 350lbs.

Both the LTC 2500 and the 3500 are recommended:

  • for patients not at risk for pressure sore development,
  • for individuals requiring a medium-firm mattress,
  • for bedside stability and to prevent entrapment
  • to prevent heat build-up and sweating

Why prescribe an EMP Mattress?

  • They commonly outlast the competition
  • They have a full 2 inch topper thickness for optimal immersion
  • They are available in bonded or low-sheer construction
  • They are always in stock for fast delivery

Read our mattress product brochure to learn more about these mattresses or contact us for more information.

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