LTC Heel Lift Wedge

This product is intended for use by persons with a permanent disability. EMP recommends all EMP products be selected with the help of a qualified medical professional.

Ideal for individuals who spend prolonged periods in bed. Helps with recovery and prevention of heel skin tissue break down.

Vinyl cover.


Patient Considerations:

  • Reusable device designed to assist in protecting patient heels against pressure injury and/or to support healing of existing heel pressure injury
  • Helps minimize leg turn-out, by allowing knee flexion and calve support



  • Top Foam Layer is 1” latex foam, providing soft comfortable support
  • Core foam is medium density polyurethane, providing comfortable leg support while maintaining heel elevation at 7” above mattress
  • Product is 30” wide, ensuring heel support when legs are positioned close together or apart
  • Cover is fluid-proof, non-allergenic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, non-stretch incontinent barrier material
  • Three sizes available – short (L=15”), medium (L= 17”) and Tall (L=19”)

Recommended Weight Capacity:

This product does not have a weight capacity

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

The warranty period is one year

Sell Sheet

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