It’s important to care for your loved ones and step in when you’re concerned for their safety. If you have an elder that is living on their own without supervision, here are 5 ways you can improve their living space to build a safer environment.

Install Hand Rails

If this person doesn’t have a walking cane, installing hand rails is never a bad idea. Some days are harder than others and extra support from hand rails could prevent a serious fall.

Improve Lighting

Install brighter light bulbs or add floor lamps to the space to increase visibility. Increasing visibility decreases the possibility of accidents by making it easier for elders to see and be aware of their surroundings.

Remove Tripping Hazards

Try to declutter the space as much as possible. Decorative rugs do not serve a purpose and can propose a tripping hazard. Taking the time to remove these items makes the space easier to navigate and leaves less possibilities for injuries.

Eliminate Strain

We don’t want to exhaust or strain ourselves at a certain age. Having items that are store in lower cabinets or high shelves could cause back injuries. Make things easier by storing day to da items on the kitchen counter or at least at counter height where they are easy to access without having to bend or reach.

Go Cordless  

Many elders still have that old corded phone sitting in their living room. Ditch the old technology and purchase a cordless phone or a cell phone to ensure that help is easily accessible in case of an emergency or fall.

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