The ideal support surface environment when pressure and/or moisture is of concern.
Designed to redistribute applied pressure evenly across a surface area, Conform© Inserts ensure normally high-risk pressure points are minimized or eliminated. Each air insert includes a grid pattern of individual bulb-shaped supports with space between each, ensuring air can flow, allowing moisture to move away from the skin surface.

Patient Considerations for this Insert:
Excellent pressure relief – encouraging capillary blood flow. Can be used from the stage of prophylaxis up to pressure ulcer (Grade IV – Highest Risk). Waterlow score – these products can be used at a score of 20 and above.

CONFORM® Med. Air Inserts are made of allergen-free natural rubber.

Available in two sizes, ensuring a perfect fit in a variety of mattress applications.
EMP recommends inserts are best used with EMP Progressive Care and Intensive Care mattresses.

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Recommended Weight Capacity:
350 lbs
Bariatric applications are permitted with a shorter warranty period.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:
The warranty period is 30 months. Bariatric applications warranty period will be 12 months.


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