patientIt can be argued that there is no job more difficult than that of a care-giver. Whether it’s a family member, a friend or a professional helping out, taking care of another person is challenging and anything to make that role easier is welcome.

For those helping to manage the care of an individual with a lack of mobility confined to a bed for long periods, it can be hard to move them for washing or changing positions. An extra pair of hands is needed to help support the patient while also taking care of their needs. This specific challenge is the purpose for the LTC Care Aid Bed Positioner.

Designed with firm, supportive, yet comfortably angled blocks, the bed positioner provides support for individuals who need their position adjusted for comfort, washing and to avoid bed sores. The soft, flexible mat portion stays under the patient, between the blocks, and is easily pulled and lifted at the appropriate end to ease the individual’s body into a new position.

If you, or someone you know is struggling with helping another who is confined to a bed, ask us about the LTC Care Aid Bed Positioner.

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