At Essential Medical Products we are conscious that medical and the healthcare industries produce a lot of environmental waste. We’re proud to do our part to reduce our environmental impact by being an environmental steward.

Foam environmental initiatives

We have developed internal processes for recycling up to 99% of our foam materials! We also carry many foam products that have a high percentage of natural ingredients, meaning that much of the petrochemicals used in manufacturing processes, are replaced with plant-based, non-food sourced polyols such as Castor. Using natural ingredients that are in abundance and renewable helps lower our carbon footprint.

Also, none of our foam products contain PBDEs or CFCs (and our Ozone layer thanks us for that).

Post-consumer product recycling

We have programs in place to recycle plastics, bonded fibre, and paper products. We also use water or reclaimed CO2 for blowing agents in our manufacturing process so no off gassing occurs.

Environmental Stewardship

We also encourage and require our material suppliers to share in our environmental policies and they need to meet or exceed public and industry environmental standards. One such standard is using polyurethane foam grades made using the patented Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) manufacturing process. This process produces higher yields and results in reduced air emissions.

We do this because we care and we want to protect our fragile environment. By working together, we can make a difference.

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