Medical science is constantly evolving and as a healthcare provider, you need to keep up with emerging trends, technology, and innovations. Here are 3 hospital innovations and themes to consider for your institution:

Eco-Friendliness: Environmental impact should be near the top of your list. Look for ways to reduce your hospitals environmental impact. Even simple changes like using compostable dishes and cutlery, recycling, and using energy efficient machines (like washers and dryers…etc) can make a huge impact.

Virtual Reality: Some medical institutions are giving bed-ridden, palliative care, or terminally ill patients virtual reality (VR) glasses so they can experience the outside world from their hospital room. They can check off items from their bucket list (like riding the canals in Venice), or experience what it’s like to be outdoors again through the stunning videos shown through VR glasses.

Clip-on hospital beds for newborns: The Gelderse Vallei hospital in the Netherlands, started offering clip-on cribs that attach to the mothers hospital bed. Previously, mothers were “separated” from their newborns in cribs left by the bedside or across the room. Now, new moms can be next to, and easily reach, their newborns, providing more opportunities for independence and bonding with their new child.

Healthcare institutions that offer innovative technology and procedures, and are environmentally conscious can increase their patient quality scores and attract patients to their facilities. In 2018, what innovations will you introduce in your hospital?

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