hip replacement surgery cushionWhen pain medication, modified movements and specialized treatments can no longer ease the discomfort of an arthritic hip, hip replacement surgery may be the next step. Surgeons remove the hip joint and replace it with prosthetic components.

It takes physical therapy and the use of various medical devices (walker, cane, etc.) to get back to walking, but what about sitting? Crossing the legs is no longer an option after surgery so finding a comfortable position to sit in (especially since straight-backed chairs are recommended most of the time) can be challenging. The Arthritis Hip Cushion not only makes post-surgery sitting more comfortable, but it also allows for easier movement when it’s time to stand up and get out of the chair.

Made from a firm, but comfortable polyurethane, these cushions are durable enough to last the entire recovery period and even come with a handle so you can take your cushion with you wherever you go, plus the polyester-cotton fabric cover is fully washable. With a variety of sizes, there is one to fit your favourite chair or wheelchair and cushions are available in two thicknesses: 3″ and 4″. Choice in thickness is based on height and other variables so should be discussed with your doctor prior to surgery to ensure you have the best cushion to meet your needs.

If the sizes available aren’t right for your needs, contact us to discuss custom options.

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