February is lovingly known as heart month. Everyone is deserving of our love, but today we want to send a special shoutout to everyone in the healthcare community, and those who support healthcare facilities.

Our frontline healthcare workers have been widely praised for their heart-filled dedication in our communities this past year. Their work is very much appreciated, but today we want to shoutout to all those who support the frontline healthcare workers from behind the scenes.

To the lady who works at the hospital cafeteria: Thank you for providing food for those who are so busy and barely have time for a lunch break.

To the spouses of frontline healthcare workers: Thank you for sharing your partner with us while you take “extra shifts” at home to care for your home and family.

To the delivery companies transporting vaccines and medical supplies: We see you too and thank you for the extra care you take while delivering the vaccines to where it’s needed most in our communities.

To those who answer the phones in our doctors offices, nurses lines, and care homes: When we call you and struggle to be calm, your calming and reassuring voice on the other end helps put us at ease.

To those who deliver food and essentials to our families in long-term care homes: Thank you for providing the basic necessities of life to those who can’t shop for themselves.

We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you to everyone for doing their part.

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