We live in a day where technology is making our lives so much easier. Many of our parents who choose to live at home install emergency response systems on their person or throughout their home so they can easily call for help when needed.

But, at Essential Medical Products, we don’t want them to have to call for help. Many seniors want to maintain some level of independence, and thankfully there are several things we can do to help them and keep them safe at the same time.

There are several areas of the home that have the highest incidence of accidents among seniors:


The wet environment of bathrooms makes it a commonplace for injuries for people of any age, especially seniors.

  • Install non-skid bathmats and flooring in the bathroom.
  • In the shower/bath, install non-skid adhesive linings to bathtubs or install a full walk-in shower or bath stall.
  • A handrail or bar next to the toilet will aid them in getting up and down with less effort.
  • Purchase a shower chair so they can rest while in the shower.


Aside from their favourite chair, the kitchen is probably one of the most frequently used rooms in their house.

  • If their kitchen has slippery surfaces, install non-skid flooring to avoid slips.
  • Make sure that all items they need are in cupboards that are easily accessible without a chair or ladder.
  • Ensure there is clear access in and out of the kitchen so they don’t trip on chairs or table ends.

Stairs (inside and out)

If there are multiple levels of their home, or steps to the front door or garage, these can be safeguarded for seniors too:

  • Check all handrails regularly to ensure they are sturdy.
  • Install handrails in hallways and stairwells inside and out for support.
  • If stairs are cumbersome, consider installing ramps over stairs outside your home.
  • Help by pruning bushes so they don’t obstruct pathways, causing someone to trip over them.

Fatigue in the elderly can further complicate safety issues in their home. Help them get a good night (and nap) sleep with a mattress that is built for their needs. Contact us to ask about how to choose the right sleep surface for your ageing parents.

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