Is it time for a new mattress? The correct time to replace your mattress is every 8 years, which is the average life of a mattress, by this time your mattress weighs twice as much. The cause of weight gain is due to the collection of dust and mites.

So, if it is time to choose a mattress, how do you choose one? Where do you start? Choosing the right mattress will affect your overall health. Choosing the wrong mattress can lead to back pain and loss of sleep.

Consider the following factors when choosing a mattress

Foam or Coils

  • Foam offers great hug, contour, and a unique feel.
  • Coil is a more traditional feel with great bounce.


  • Ideally you’ll have $800-$1,000 to spend. This will offer you the most options and put you in the luxury end of the online market.
  • Don’t spend less than $500 unless you want a mattress that’s going to break down much sooner (and one that could potentially be more toxic also).


  • Most sleepers prefer a firmness in the 5-7 out of 10 range.
  • If you go 4 or below you are most likely a side sleeper.
  • If you go above a 7 you are probably a stomach or back (anything much above a 7 isn’t great for most side sleepers).

Body Weight

  • Support from a mattress is directly related to your body weight.
  • To avoid a curved spine, lighter individuals should lean towards less firmness and heavier individuals should seek extra support
  • The heavier you are, the more the support foams have to work to provide optimal comfort.
  • Weight effects how much support you will receive from your mattress based on total sinkage and pressure points.

EMP carries a variety of basic, intermediate and specialty mattresses, as well as mattress toppers. Contact us today to learn more about what type of mattress if right for you.



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