We’re in the business to help your patients be safe and comfortable. At Essential Medical Products, we sell many different health and safety products, and we’re here to help you choose the best product for your needs.

When purchasing a new specialty mattress or wheelchair cushion for your institution or practice, here are a few features to consider:

Temperature: This measures how well the foam can draw heat away from the body or help the body retain heat. This directly affects the patient’s’ temperature when sleeping. The higher the temperature gauge for a product, the cooler the patient’s body will stay through the night.

Firmness: No surprise here. This measures the firmness of the foam. The higher the firmness gauge, the more firm the surface.

Pressure Redistribution: This measures how much of the patient’s body weight will be redistributed over the foam. This is important in alleviating pressure points and decreasing pressure throughout the body. The higher the pressure distribution gauge, the more the weight is distributed.

Resiliency: Essentially, this measures the foams ability to bounce back to its original shape and how much motion the foam will absorb. The higher the resiliency gauge, the more resilient (absorbs less motion) the foam.

Push-back: This measures how much the foam can ‘push back” on the weight applied over its surface. It relates to how easily a person can move on the foam. The higher this rating, the easier a person can move on the foam.

Non-Allergenic / Anti-mircobacterial: The ingredients used in the foam manufacturing process affect its ability to restrict living microorganisms (like bacteria, fungi, protozoan, and dust mites) from entering and inhabiting in the product. The higher the number on this gauge, the more it’s able to withstand these allergens.

Compare our bedding and wheelchair cushion products using these gauges to see which is right for your patients. Contact us at any time to learn more.

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