Hospitals are incredible places where lives are started and hope is found. Advances in medical care continue to grow each and every day. But during that time, people needs hospital beds. And hospitals need a lot of beds.

One such hospital is North York General Hospital located in Toronto, Ontario. And their Foundation has created a campaign to help raise enough money to replace all their beds by 2018. Specifically, $853,000 to replace all 426 beds in the entire hospital.

As their website says, more than 400,000 patients are admitted to the hospital each year. And each bed in each department serves a different purpose and has different requirements.

nyghThey’ve teamed up with a local powerhouse car dealership to sponsor their campaign – PFAFF Automotive. The campaign, aptly named “It’s not just a bed, it’s a race car” aims to get to their fundraising goal with a race against time.

You can read the press release on the PFAFF Automotive website. Or visit the North York General Hospital Foundation website for more information on the campaign.

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