Whether your caring for a loved one, or looking after yourself. Transitioning from the comfort and care a hospital environment provides, to your home, can be difficult. Here are a few ways to make that transition comfortable and easy.

  1. Look for ways to make communicating easy. This could mean using an intercom system, or keeping a baby monitor or a bell handy to grab the attention of family members.
  2. Make your home a more relaxed environment, establish a quite area and use dim lighting.
  3. It can be hard not to feel anxious when you’re in bed all day suffering from an injury. Aromatherapy is a great way to keep yourself calm. Try using a diffuser.
  4. If mobility is difficult for you, find a spot to rest where there is a window, a little vitamin D is always great for the soul and will help keep your spirits up.
  5. Lastly, entertainment is a must. Whether that be TV or a great book make sure to have plenty of options for yourself to keep busy.

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