In many cases you may now choose the type of cover material for your mattress. All EMP mattress covers are fluid-proof, non-allergenic, antibacterial, antimicrobial and tested to ensure long-life in the hospital and home care environments.


  • Lux NS is the cover material supplied with all EMP mattresses for the past 15+ years. This material enjoys an excellent reputation as the most durable cover available for continuing care applications
  • Emersion is a new stretch material developed at EMP to provide improved pressure redistribution characteristics, allowing both urethane and viscoelastic foams to perform optimally. This material is a true 4-way stretch fabric that is PVC free, fire rated, and incorporates ultrasonic welded seam technology, which is better from both infection and pest control standpoints.


The table below identifies which mattresses can be ordered with Lux NS (non-stretch) and/or Emersion (4-way stretch) cover material.


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