We’ve all slept on a bad mattress. It doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep under normal conditions. For those with medical needs or requirements, the wrong mattress can exacerbate the injury or even cause further discomfort or harm.

If you are tasked with purchasing a medical grade mattress for your patients or for someone you know, there are three things you should know about these mattresses:

They can prevent injury.

The right medical-grade mattress can be part of your health plan to prevent patients from worsening or developing new conditions or sores. These mattresses are often designed with specially selected materials based on the patient’s weight distribution and type of injury.

Bedsores are a key concern that these mattresses can help prevent. They can also provide pressure redistribution, have cooling or warming effects, and come in various firmnesses for maximum comfort.

They can become part of a treatment plan.

Many standard mattresses work best in the horizontal position for the best weight distribution. If your patient requires an inclined bed part of the day, the weight distribution and characteristics need to work inclined and reclined, necessitating the use of specially designed mattresses. To maximize healing and avoid further injury, a proper medical-grade mattress may become part of your treatment plan in hospital and upon returning home.

They can increase patient comfort.

At the end of the day, literally, if the mattress isn’t comfortable, it won’t help the patient sleep better. It may be perfectly designed to prevent bedsores or to avoid entrapment, but if it’s not comfortable, that won’t help much.

Essential Medical Products has a wide range of Canadian-made, medical-grade mattresses. With the help of a medical professional, browse our mattress products to find one that’s right for you or your patient.

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