We know that medical products are in contact with our clients’ skin a significant amount of time. That’s why we chose to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible in the production of our products. Not only is it important for the long-term health of our clients, but it’s also important to the future of our planet.

Our Latex foam made with Talalay and Dunlop Processes include up to 100% natural content materials and our water-based glue is Greenguard Indoor Air Certified. We do a significant amount of recycling of our foam along with some post-consumer products to prevent them from filling the landfill. Many of our products include natural products like plant-based polyols that replace the petro chemicals formerly included in production.

Another thing we’re proud of is that none of our foam products include PBDEs or CFCs. PBDEs are an added flame retardant and while the products we create are still treated with products that help prevent them from catching fire, we prefer to use ones that aren’t harmful to the environment, our employees or our customers. CFCs are also known to be harmful to the environment in their known damage of the ozone layer. You won’t find any CFCs in any of our products.

Our customers are important to us and so is the environment, so we choose to make products differently than other foam manufacturers for a brighter future for everyone.


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