LTC 9200 Configurable T-Style Mattress

This product is intended for use by persons with a permanent disability. EMP recommends all EMP products be selected with the help of a qualified medical professional.

Pressure Redistribution Focused on Coccyx & Heels

Unique design configuration allows for optimal pressure re-distribution focusing on high at-risk areas while reducing the number of Conform air segments/gel inserts needed.

This mattress when used in conjunction with either Conform air segments or gel inserts creates an optimal therapeutic environment for skin healing and protection.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: The warranty period for this product is 5 years.


Patient Considerations for this Mattress:

Pressure Distribution Best choice for individuals at risk for pressure sore development at the coccyx and heels Firmness Top comfort layer of medium firm viscoelastic foam in non high-risk areas Temperature Best choice for prevention of heat build-up when air or gel inserts used Transfers Best choice for bedside stability and prevention of entrapment with built-in transfer borders Bed Mobility Varies depending on inserts selected. Viscoelastic foam top layer may impair bed mobility for some individuals


Top Foam Layer Inserts Top surface comprised of medium-firm viscoelastic foam. Insert components covered individually. Choose Gel-in or viscoelastic foam. Air filled inserts are available from others a) Gel-in foam - Gel infused viscoelastic foam provides superior pressure distribution properties plus the cooling affect of gel b) Both air-filled and gel inserts are available for your dealer Contact your local supplier or EMP for details Core Foam Medium-firm polyurethane foam Transfer Borders Transfer borders add firmness along sides Cover Fluid-proof, Non-allergenic, antibacterial, anti-microbial cover. Mattress core enclosed in a single pocket style fitted cover Misc Designed for use on all hospital beds Standard Sizes 80” x 35 1/2” x 6” Recommended Weight Capacity 300 Lbs (with gel-in or viscoelastic foam inserts) This information provides general guidance. EMP recommends specialized sleep surfaces be selected with the help of a qualified medical professional.


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