ltc-gel-in-mattress-topper-3Everyone has different sleep requirements. Some people run hot, some need energy absorption. Regardless, our range of mattress toppers offer something for everyone. These mattress toppers can work with medical mattresses as well as other types.

Our mattress toppers come in a variety of materials. From latex and gel to memory foam, depending on your needs, we have something for almost everyone.

For those who run hot while sleeping, the gel-in and latex toppers are the best options to stay cool. These two products are also ideal for energy absorption and pressure redistribution. However, if you’re more concerned with comfort, the memory foam is your best bet and will contour your body for an extraordinarily comfortable sleep.

The active mattress topper feels like a pillow top and offers more spring-like quality to the surface of the mattress. Whereas the convolute topper distributes weight evenly across the bed and offers exceptional air circulation to stay cooler as well.

Speak to someone about adding a little something extra to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

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