When was the last time you supported a local business or a business with products that were Canadian made? As a Canadian company ourselves, we also source the products we sell from Canada too, and that’s important to us.

As we celebrate Canada Day today, here are a few of our favourite reasons we like supporting Canadian-based businesses:

We’re helping local families: Local businesses struggle during recessions and, as we’re seeing now, during pandemics. The big national and international chains of businesses can more easily survive, but the family-owned businesses need a little extra help.

When you buy from local businesses or Canadian-owned businesses, you’re helping put food on the tables for your neighbours.

We’re supporting the Canadian economy: When you stimulate the economy, you help breathe new life into it, which we need in Canada right now. Our resources are under stress right now and the economy needs any boost you can give it, especially by supporting Canadian businesses.

We’re saving the environment: One of the more positive things about the recent pandemic is its effect on our environment. For a while, smog was lifted from some of our most smoggy cities and event our once polluted waterways were running cleaner. All because people were staying home, or closer to home. By purchasing Canadian made products less pollution is made, compared to shipping from across the globe.

We want to make sleeping in a comfortable bed easier, no matter where you live, especially if you are in a care home or medical facility, or have special medical needs at home. Learn more about our Canadian-made medical grade mattresses and bedding.

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