sleep2Gel mattresses have been the rage for a while and many organizations in the medical care products field recognized there were greater benefits than just the comfort of a soft, conforming surface. For those who may find the costs of a gel mattress out of range or practicality lacking, we offer a solution to satisfy everyone – gel mattress toppers.

Not only do gel toppers deliver a cost-effective solution, the also extend the life of  the mattress. Offered in 2″ or 3″ thicknesses, gel-in toppers come in a range of standard sizes plus we offer options in covers.

Gel toppers increase comfort through the gel/foam hybrid formulation by providing a better distribution of heat to keep users comfortable in all temperatures. In fact, the firmness of gel, but the conformity and ability to redistribute pressure points combined with the heat regulation make gel mattress toppers one of the most popular choices for those in recovery, long-term care or chronic pain.

Drop us a note and see if a gel mattress topper is right for your needs.


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