LTC 4000 Ultra 55 Mattress

Sometimes even the best can get better, and we’ve just upgraded our LTC 4000 Ultra 55 Mattress to prove it. We’ve taken the popular design and added a functional transitional layer. This added mid-layer in the mattress makes it easier to perform patient transfers, and also allows for greater stability. While this mattress is great for many individuals, it is ideal for pressure redistribution, longevity, and greater weight distribution.

The high resiliency transitional layer is mid-layer with full height transfer borders. This means that the mattress will ensure stability during transfers, and will prevent entrapment between the mattress and the bedside rails.

The mattress is best for patients who prefer a firm mattress, and those who are also at a higher risk for sore development, or want to prevent heat build up or sweating.

The mattress features hypoallergenic material, and is designed for use on all hospital beds. You can find a full feature list and product specifications on our website. You can also find more information in this product information download.

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