T-Style mattresses provide support when your patient could benefit from support around their coccyx and heels. This is particularly helpful for patients with permanent disability who are at risk of pressure sores in these areas.

The LTC 9200 Configurable T-Style Mattress provides this T-shaped support and can be customized for the patient using Conform air segments or gel inserts. However, due to the uniqueness of this mattress design, often less air segments or inserts are needed.

Here are the top 5 benefits of T-shaped mattresses like the LTC 9200:

  • Better pressure distribution: The specific T-shaped design provides optimal support around the patients coccyx and heels.
  • Medium firmness: The top comfort layer of this mattress contains medium-firm viscoelastic foam in the areas outside the main T zone.
  • Temperature regulation: This mattress is a good choice to help prevent heat buildup between the patient and the mattress, when air or gel inserts are used.
  • Easy transferability: When you need to transfer the patient, this T-shaped mattress design provides the best stability for prevention of entrapment with built-in transfer borders
  • Customizable bed mobility: The mobility of the patient to reposition on the bed can vary depending on the inserts selected. When used with viscoelastic foam top layer, some individuals may notice impared bed mobility.

The core foam is made from medium-firm polyurethane foam. To customize this mattress to the unique needs of your patient, several top foam layer inserts can be added

  • Gel-in foam: These are gel-infused viscoelastic foam inserts that provide pressure distribution and cooling properties from the gel.
  • Air and gel inserts: For additional comfort, air and gel inserts can be added to the mattress

The cover of the LTC-9200 mattress is fluid-proof, non-allergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial and comes in standard or custom sizes to fit any hospital bed.

Read more about this T-shaped mattress and talk to a qualified medical professional to pick one that meets the unique needs of your patient.

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