In most hospitals and extended care facilities, your patients often spend most of their day, and night, in their bed. Being sick is a very stressful time, so by providing a comfortable bed, you’re taking one worry off their shoulders.

Here are several features of medical-grade mattresses to consider:

  • Pressure: Are your patients at risk of pressure sores? Look for mattresses that distribute the weight more evenly and comfortably.
  • Firmness: Your patients may heal faster or be more comfortable on a firmer, mattress. Mattresses often come in medium, medium-firm, or firm.
  • Heat: Consider if heat buildup or patient sweat could be an issue as some mattresses perform better in this area than others (although most medical-grade beds have some form of heat considerations).
  • Transfers: Most Essential Medical Products beds are a good choice for bedside stability and prevent entrapment, but note that a few select models have no transfer borders, reducing stability for unassisted transfers.
  • Bed Mobility: Ease of movement in bed is a crucial factor in avoiding pressure sores. Mattresses with thick viscoelastic top layers may impair bed mobility for some patients.
  • Weight: Most beds have a recommended weight capacity of 300-350 pounds. If you have bariatric patients, look for one with a higher recommended weight rating (like the LTC Bariatric & Ultra Bariatric Mattresses, which are rated for 500-700 lbs).

Don’t forget that you can always add accessories for certain bed frames and patients:

  • For wire spring base platforms: Mattress Protector (MBP 500)
  • For increased patient in-bed safety: LTC Side Rail Pads, Headboard and Footboard Pads
  • For protecting patients from falls: LTC Bedside Security Pads
  • For proper patient positioning in bed: LTC Body Positioning Wedges, and Heel Lift Wedges

If you need any help choosing the right mattress for your healthcare institution, contact the team at Essential Medical Products, or view our current mattress selection.

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