Essential Medical Products offers a variety of wheelchair cushions to suit long-term or short-term requirements. View our PDF Brochure for easy comparison of key considerations.


Shape Series Wheelchair Cushions
Shape-Wheelchair-CushionShape, Visco Shape, and Gel Shape Cushion
Designed for individuals at moderate-to-high risk of skin breakdown. Combines polyurethane foam, viscofoam or gel working together, to reduce shear/friction that can potentially lead to pressure ulcers. Lateral supports and an ischial well add comfort and assist in offloading bony prominences.
Includes an inner moisture barrier cover plus a premium quality incontinent outer cover.


ESP Series Wheelchair Cushions
ESP-Cushion-smESP/ESP Deluxe with Viscoelastic Foam
Designed for individuals at low risk of skin breakdown. Proven design using multi-layered latex and polyurethane foams or a combination of viscoelastic and polyurethane foams working together in a low profile cushion. Lateral supports and an ischial well add comfort and support, ensuring postural stability. Deluxe version includes inner moisture barrier. Either version includes incontinent outer cover.


Pincore Viscoelastic Wheelchair Cushions
PinCore-Wheelchair-Cushion-smIdeal for Individuals Needing a Softer Cushion
Pillowy soft comfortable layers of latex and viscoelastic foams provide pressure redistribution. Ideal for individuals at low-to-moderate risk for pressure sores. Incontinent cover.

Active Series Wheelchair Cushions
Active-Cushion-smActive Firm or Active Plush
An economical choice for individuals requiring a cushion with excellent support qualities, aiding in transfers and repositioning. Ideal for individuals at low risk for pressure sores. Includes incontinent cover.
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