Essential Medical Products offers a variety of foam, gel and hybrid wheelchair cushioning products to meet a multitude of specific patient needs. All products are made in Canada, with patient comfort in mind, and use the most environmentally friendly materials available.




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Here we look at our most popular wheelchair cushions, and some of the features that they offer. For a complete list of our wheelchair cushions, see here

Shape-Vicso Wheelchair Cushions


The Shape-Visco Wheelchair cushion combines polyurethane foam or gel and polyurethane foam to reduce shear/friction that can potentially lead to pressure ulcers. For individuals at moderate-to-high risk of skin breakdown. Read More+



ESP Series Wheelchair Cushion



The ESP Wheelchair Cushion offers the basic fundamentals forEssential Seating and Positioning. Its proven design provides a high degree of comfort, pressure relief and positioning. Read More+



Specialty Series Wheelchair Cushions

arthritis-raised-wheelchair-cushion*NEW COMFORT DESIGN!* EMP recognizes that every client has individual needs, and provides a variety of specialty wheelchair cushioning products to help address these specific needs. Read More+




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