Why patient comfort should be a priority in 2018

Fully recovering from any injury, takes more than specialized medical equipment, medications, and physical therapies. When a patient is relaxed and comfortable, they can better focus on healing and recovery and not on their discomfort.

Here are 3 reasons why you should focus on making patients happy and comfortable (in addition to regular medical care and interventions):

Satisfaction scores

Happy patients can make you and your facility more money as a result of higher patient satisfaction scores. Patients are often under a great deal of physical and/or mental stress when seeking medical care, so it’s important to try to make them feel as physically and mentally comfortable as possible to help aid their recovery.

Referral rates

When you discharge a happy patient, they are more likely to recommend you to others. Word-of-mouth testimonials from friends (or on online review sites) are one reason a patient may choose you over a competing care facility or provider.


Positivity is contagious. When a patient is comfortable, they are happier. This may encourage other patients in your facility (and their families) to be happy as well. Eventually, the contagion that is positivity spreads throughout your facility and creates a warm, encouraging, healing environment for everyone.

Modern healthcare in North America is starting to recognize that making a patient comfortable during all stages of their care and recovery is just as important as providing medical care and interventions. An exhausted patient recovering from invasive surgery could get better rest and heal faster if provided a comfortable mattress. A wheelchair-bound individual could get a little extra support and sit taller with the help of a specially manufactured wheelchair cushion.

The journey towards full recovery from an injury can be a long one for some. Healthcare providers who go the extra mile to ensure their patient is comfortable on that road could see faster recovery times, and happier patients. Maybe one day this won’t be considered “extra” and be considered normal medical practice.

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