ltc-8500-gel-form-mattressWith the many different mattresses available it can be a challenge to determine the most optimal mattress for each patient and facility. Pressure distribution, firmness, temperature, bed stability, and mobility are all things to consider.

Click here to download our mattress overview brochure that highlights each of these points in a straight forward layout to more easily identify which mattress is most optimal. Have more questions? Please contact us for further help and information.


Other things to consider when purchasing a new mattress:

Will this mattress be used on a wire spring base platform?
You need a Mattress Protector (MBP 500)

Is patient in-bed safety a concern?
Look for LTC Side Rail Pads, Headboard and Footboard Pads

Are patient falls a concern?
Look for LTC Bedside Security Pads

Patient positioning in bed?
Look for LTC Body Positioning Wedges and Heel Lift Wedges.

Need other bed safety products?
Look for LTC Care Aid Bed Positioner.


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